The Groups of Four Challenge

Guitar technique mini-course.

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This guitar technique mini-course deals with one of the most challenging patterns you can play on the guitar, the infamous “Groups of Four”. This is a pattern that offers many benefits when mastered, both in terms of technique, but also in terms of improvisation facility.

Picking Strategies covered:
  • Legato
  • DWPS (Downward Pickslanting)
  • 2WPS Economy Picking
  • 2WPS Alternate Picking

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Your Instructor

Prokopis Skordis
Prokopis Skordis

I am a music geek fascinated with learning new things, and improving my own guitar skills, but I'm also very passionate about helping others do the same! After studying in the Greek National Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music, I began performing and teaching privately in 2001. Since then, I have developed new methods for effective musical learning, and my mission with EMP is to share them with the world :-)

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